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I'm sorry.

I only made that cause "you-know-who" was sperging out at Corbett-Collens...Like Really Sperging (He told Collens he would trap him in jail and force feed him Jizz)...Anyway, SL was making all types of journals, memes, and pics (That were pretty much like the pic I made...only alot more crappy). So, I decided to help Corbett and Give SL a taste of his own medicine. Only for SL to throw a huge Bitch fit and report it and getting it (and a shit ton of other pics) removed.

This was 5 months ago (At the time I'm writing this journal)...Now, Apparently still mad over a pic, SL made some journel about how I'm a "Psycho". (even though, I only made the pic Cause SL was being a psycho himself) and how I'm evil cause I called him out.

I fought back with a commentary on that journal...Only for it to be removed for "Copyright"...You figure that one out...Anyway, a Commentary and screenshots that expose SL immaturity about the situation. (Him being a hypocrite: Sneakylizard The Hypocite by MTAD2 Him possibly using a sock account: Sneakylizard Sock account? by MTAD2 And him Ripping off BBC: Salty-lizard by MTAD2 )

After that SL claimed I drove him to be Suicidal...Because I guess, Calling you out and having proof to back it up is a bad thing? Then People (like the living Quagmire himself: wolverine51) started saying how I'm an evil person for "cyber-bulling" SL (despite the fact, It started over SL threatening Collens with pretty much Rape) To the point someone (probably SL) made a petition about me! and here we are...

To everyone who wants an explanation as to why the hell I made that pic and what the hell been going on...there you go.

Anyway The pic itself, I regret making...It was really Creepy and made me look no better then SL. And for that I'm sorry.

I know what I did was wrong and Made me stoop to SL level. But the way people went about it were no better. (A petition? Over 1 pic? Really?) Including SL! Who insisted on making me out to be a spawn of hell with the pic (and ONLY the pic) as proof.

Now if you want to unwatch me, Fine. I've done all I've can and explained it all and If you still think I'm a "psycho", go ahead. Unlike SL who clams He doesn't care (only for him to say I've made him suffer depression) I really don't care anymore.

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Let him leave, if MTAD triggers him so much.
MTAD2 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
He tried to war with me over a 5 month old pic from a deactivated account...He brought it on himself.
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